It is Patch Tuesday, and Microsoft has kept to their promise by rolling out a bunch of new software patches for different software and hardware products. These releases will not only include security updates for Windows RT, but Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 as well. There is an update which was introduced specially for the Surface tablet that runs on Windows RT, where an official moderator mentioned in a post on the Microsoft Community forum, that owners of the Surface tablet will see “increased Surface Wi-Fi reliability, improved connectivity in various scenarios, and performance improvements.”

Other specific improvements will comprise of support for connecting to access points which have “non-standard-ASCII special characters.” Apart from that, the update will also reduce the number of situations where the Surface tablet encounters “limited WiFi connectivity.” You will be able to download the update automatically, or force one yourself. Any patch is better than no patch at all, do you agree? Have you already installed the update, and how do you find it so far?

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