The iPhone 5 is considered Apple’s first LTE-capable smartphone and according to reports, it has proven to be popular enough that it has managed to capture 27% of the global LTE market last quarter – pretty impressive for a phone that wasn’t released too long ago, not to mention Apple’s first LTE-capable smartphone as well. While Apple might be feeling pretty chuffed at 27%, their competitor Samsung on the other hand is pretty much dominating the scene with a 40% market share. However this isn’t exactly great news for Samsung either as the 40% market share is actually a drop from 50.9% in the last quarter.

Research from Strategy Analytics has also found that subscription for LTE devices has increased five times since last year, from 9 million to about 50 million, and they have attributed the surge to popular LTE devices not just from Apple, but Samsung, LG and Pantech. While there might be more Android devices out there and while Android might be dominating the smartphone platform market, not every Android device comes with LTE, so perhaps there is a chance that Apple might be able to catchup to its Android rivals in terms of LTE in the future.

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