Wait a minute – is that a mini iMac we see in the right part of the photo? If on first glance that’s what your thoughts ran to, you can’t be blamed, although in reality it’s actually an iPad that is hooked onto the Slope stand. This is a stand designed for tablets, not just the iPad, but for Android and Windows tablets as well. It’s extremely simplistic in nature, but incredibly elegant at the same time. Made from aerospace grade aluminum, Slope will hold your tablet through the use of suction by utilizing nanofoams. These nanofoams will be attached to the base of the stand and the part where your tablet will sit (or stick, if you’d rather). Suction devices sound a bit iffy and doesn’t exactly scream stability, but in the video and photos, they have demonstrated that it has no problems holding on to your tablet even while put in a horizontal position. If you’re in the market for a simple stand for your tablet, then Slope might be something worth taking a look at. It has passed its Kickstarter goal of $60,000, but you can go ahead and pledge your donation anyway to net yourself one upon its production.

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