Kim Dotcom has brashly put forward a $13,500 bounty that will be the reward for the first person who successfully breaks into his Mega system’s security. I guess that amount of cash will mean something to most people, but for someone of his stature and cash reserves, it surely does not reflect the kind of confidence (IMHO) in Mega’s security system, no? I wonder which enterprising hacker will walk away with the €10,000 bounty (which is roughly $13,500 after conversion), and from which country he/she is from.

This prize money was announced after Mega was criticized for its security procedures, and in a war of words, there was even a Mega blog post that pooh-poohed (some say valid) points which were raised by industry heavyweights such as Ars Technica and Forbes. At this point in time, Mega holds nearly 50 million files, which is a sizable achievement considering it was launched less than a fortnight ago. How soon do you think it will be before someone steps forward to claim the reward?

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