The second most populous country in the world, India, has been going through some rather tumultuous times recently, but here is some bit of good news on the technology front – just a couple of months after the student-friendly Aakash 2 tablet (seen above) rolled out in India, educators in that part of the world cannot wait for the Aakash 3 to roll out. Aakash is actually a low-cost tablet program in India that intends to make tablets available to students throughout the country, hoping that it will give them a leg up in getting online while enjoying educational apps. The devices are not high end tablets, but they pack enough firepower to fulfill their purpose for sure.


The Times of India claims that Aakash 3 could very well be designed to run on either the Google Android platform, or on a different kind of Linux-based operating system. It might even come with a SIM card slot, letting you hook it up to other mobile broadband networks for that added touch of connectivity. It seems that the legacy of budget-oriented and yet functional Aakash tablets look set to have a healthy and long future.

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