Taking photos with your smartphone these days really makes the process of sharing and storing them online much easier than the old days of actually going to get your photos developed. For those people who can’t even be bothered to upload their photos on their own time, a number of services, like Google+, Facebook and Dropbox, have made it possible for your photos to automatically be uploaded without you even realizing it.


It looks as there’s a new kid in the auto-uploading town as Amazon is announcing its Amazon Cloud Drive Photos Android application has received an update that makes it possible for you to upload all of your photos through its service with the user doing very little.

The app, which was announced this past November, allowed for users to upload their photos directly to Amazon’s cloud, as well as allow the user to view photos located on their device. Now, it will automatically upload images from your device by default when connected to a Wi-Fi connection , although you might want to think about having a little control over that setting seeing how Amazon only allows users 5GB of free storage.

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