It is possible to meet your soulmate through gaming and we’ve heard several stories where gamers met each other online and ended up marrying each other, but unfortunately the flipside is that while there are fairytale endings for some, there are some gamers who aren’t as lucky and end up getting scammed. Such a case had happened recently in China where a female player seduced a male player in helping her win an iPad mini and iPhone. Online games in China are apparently a pretty popular thing and these game companies hold contests from time to time where players can win prizes. These range from limited in-game items to genuinely useful products like the iPad mini and iPhone.


The game in question is called Spicy Jianhu and a female player by the name of Huang, seduced a male player called Silky where they developed an online romance and even got married in-game. They then entered in various promotional contests, one of them being a newlywed contest where Huang won the iPad mini and iPhone. Once the prizes were claimed, Huang started to ignore Silky. What made matters worse is that apparently Silky was not a very well-off player but because he felt that this was true love, he invested whatever he had in-game to get her real-world items. After hearing about this story, online gamers were enraged and launched a “human flesh search” which isn’t as bad as it sounds.

Basically it’s an online manhunt where players track others down, and because real names and real-life details are required to be submitted thanks to China’s internet laws, tracking a person down isn’t as hard it might seem. Unfortunately for Silky the win was a legitimate one and all he managed to get out of Huang was an apology and a rather painful lesson learnt.

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