Think this, but without that Move adapter on top.

We’ve been hearing a lot of news lately concerning Sony’s PlayStation 4, which we might officially hear more about by May. But until Sony delivers the goods, we’ll just have to wait and speculate and report on rumors that come from credible sources. Such as this next story involving the PlayStation 4’s controller.

According to CVG sources, Sony is expected to ditch the DualShock controller design they’ve been slightly modifying for the past sixteen years with the original DualShock controlling debuting with the PlayStation. The PlayStation 4’s controller will include biometric sensors on the grips of the controller and an LCD touchscreen.

An additional source says PlayStation engineers are “trying to emulate the same user interface philosophies as the PS Vita.”

It seems whatever Sony is planning for the PlayStation 4 will offer similar functionality to the Wii U’s GamePad, which may once again change how gamers play their games and interact with their console seeing how a touchscreen controller seems to be planned for the upcoming console. Although, just like the Wii U, having a DualShock controller be compatible with the PlayStation 4 isn’t completely out of the question as they may interact with the system as well, similar to how the Wii Remotes interact with the Wii U.

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