Women have it hard on a daily basis as they often walk on shoes that are completely uncomfortable, need to get completely dressed just to pick up the mail and have to wear such terrible things as jeggings. It seems no matter what women wear, they never seem to have a pocket available to them, which results in having to carry around their phone everywhere they go, that is, unless they have their purse or someone else around to carry their phone for them.

Alphyn Industries created a pair of jeans that has a built-in pocket for your smartphone to be accessed at any time with a simple flip of the flap. Now, the company has created a pair of jeggings that offer the same feature, except is make specifically for the ladies.

The Smartphone Valencia jeggings are made with cut-rate nylon and denim and feature a zippered pocket called the WEARCOM pocket. When the wearer unzips the pocket, a 3″x5″ transparent pocket is available to carry around your smartphone inside of. The pocket will also make it possible to interact with your device without needing to take it out of its pocket, although seeing where the pocket is located, we can’t imagine anyone using their phone while its in the pocket and standing at the same time.

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