Records, as they say, are meant to be broken, and on New Year’s Eve earlier this Monday, WhatsApp claimed that they processed a whopping 18 billion messages – that would mean an average of nearly 3 messages for each person on the face of the earth. This amount is nearly double that of WhatsApp’s 10 billion message record that was set in August, and we are quite sure that as the world’s population continues to grow exponentially with more and more folks taking up smartphones as their primary mobile communications device of choice, the 18 billion mark is set to shatter not too long down the road.


Out of the 18 billion messages processed, around 7 billion messages were inbound, while 11 billion of them were outbound messages. How many messages using the WhatsApp platform did you contribute to be part of this rather historic milestone? Of course if you were to put things in perspective, Apple mentioned that in October alone, their iMessage text service delivered approximately 300 billion texts over the course of a year, averaging out to under a billion a day.

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