ST-Ericsson rolled out their most recent 2.5GHz NovaThor L8580 CPU earlier this year, but this does not mean that ST-Ericsson is going to remain comfortable, resting on their laurels. Well, it is nice to know that the company is now working on introducing a faster version of the processor at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, that is kicking off next week – namely, the quad-core NovaThor L8580 that clocks in at a whopping 3GHz. Yes sir, 3GHz is blazing fast where a mobile processor is concerned, and to make sure that the battery is not depleted in a short time, ST-Ericsson has constructed this particular chipset using the 28nm FD-SOI manufacturing technology.

Not only that, they have also used ModAp which will optimize the execution of apps, allowing it to run at speeds of up to 35% faster in certain cases. The 3GHz NovaThor L8580 CPU is said to be able to play nice with dual cameras of up to 20-megapixel, HD voice support, and LTE connectivity. In terms of graphics, the GPU will feature a 600MHz PowerVR SGX544 variety. This remains a prototype as at press time, but we do hope to spend some time with it on the showfloor later next week.

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