BT Tower has created a 360 degree panoramic photo of London that has broken the world record. The image is of 320 gigapixels and was created by photographic firm 360Cities. The image comprises of 48,000 individual frames stitched together to form the larger panoramic image. The images came from four Canon EOS 7D cameras. Lenses used to capture the images were EF 400mm f/2.8 IS II USM lenses and Extender EF 2x III teleconverters operated by Rodeon VR Head ST robotic panorama heads.

The image was captured from the top of the BT Tower in London last year. It was captured at the end of the London 2012 Olympics, to celebrate BT’s participation in the games. The total capture time was three days and was shot by Jeffrey Martin, Holger Schulze and Tom Mills. The image took over three months to process and were processed on a Fujitsu Celcius R920 computer powered by a 6 3.2GHz cores and 256GB of RAM. It is so large that if it was printed in normal resolution, it would be almost as large as the Buckingham palace.

Suzi Williams, director, BT Group Marketing & Brand, said, “The BT Tower is such an iconic London landmark, and became a focus for the capital’s celebrations in 2012, what better way to capture that remarkable year than with a full panoramic photograph taken from its roof. This isn’t just a world record for the BT Tower, it’s for London and the people who live, work in or visit the capital. Take a look, and share your favourite London places and landmarks.”

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