Windows 8 is Microsoft’s desktop operating system, while Windows Phone 8 is Microsoft’s answer to the mobile space. However Windows 8 Phone? That sounds like an interesting hybrid, doesn’t it? That’s pretty much what company i-Mate is looking to do by creating a mobile device that will run on Windows 8, not Windows Phone 8. According to a report from The Seattle Times, i-Mate is currently at MWC and they’re looking for partners, such as carriers to help them launch their product come summer 2013. It is a pretty interesting setup as i-Mate’s plan is to introduce a 4.7” phone running on Windows 8 Pro, and an optional docking station and a hub that allows the phone to act as a desktop phone


The hub will also sport a 23” touchscreen display and will come with a keyboard and mouse, basically turning the entire setup into a Windows 8 computer. In fact there are also plans to introduce a 10.1” auxiliary wireless tablet as well. So how much will this setup cost you? Well you’re looking at around $750 for the phone itself, while the phone and the hub bundle will go for a whopping $1,600. If anything this sounds like a super juiced up version of the ASUS FonePad, expect that it runs on Windows 8. What do you guys think? Would you be interested in such a setup?

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