Linux users probably have their own productivity suites which act as replacement or substitutes for Microsoft Office, but if you’re a Linux user and you just love the functionality and features of Microsoft Office, there are rumors suggesting that Microsoft could be working on porting their Office productivity suite onto the Linux platform come 2014. This rumor was thanks to a “source” who some speculate might be one of Microsoft’s open source developers, and they claim that Microsoft is taking a “meaningful look” at releasing a full Linux port of Microsoft Office in 2014.

Considering that this is rather sudden and there has been no evidence or reason for Microsoft to do so in the past, what gives? Apparently this is because Microsoft has seen Linux become more commercially viable and what better way to spread your brand around than by creating software for rival platforms. After all, Microsoft has released Office for Mac OS X, so Linux might not be such a stretch of the imagination after all. It also seems that the port to Linux might not be as hard as one might think because if you recall, last year we reported on a rumor that Microsoft Office for iOS and Android was a possibility, and since Android is a Linux-based OS, a lot of work would have already been done. What do you guys think? Is this a possibility or is it completely ridiculous?

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