If you have been gaming since the early 90s, then a game called Road Rash might be one that is familiar to you. I personally remember the game rather fondly and despite the graphics, the gameplay was extremely memorable and fun. The last Road Rash game was released back in 1999, meaning that it has been more than a decade since we’ve last seen it, and we think that it’s high time it made a comeback. The good news is that it looks like that might be in the works, thanks to a post by Road Rash programmer and co-designer, Dan Giesler.

Giesler posted on Reddit and stated why there hasn’t been any new Road Rash games recently. His explanation was that he felt burnt out after Road Rash 3, but believes he is ready to do another one now. Unsurprisingly Giesler has decided that if such a project were to take off, he would be turning to popular crowd-source funding website, Kickstarter, to help generate the funds. No word on when such a Kickstarter project would be happening, but we’re definitely excited to see what Giesler can come up with. Anyone else excited at the possibility of a new Road Rash game?

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