Google’s new patent filing indicates that the Google Glass may one day be used to control objects nearby. These objects may include copy machine, coffee maker, alarm system, garage door, TV or even the refrigerator. Glass will not only show information about that object, based on the technology described in this patent, it may also present a virtual control panel to interact with that object. The patent application is titled Wearable Computer with Superimposed Controls and Instructions for External Device and it gives us interesting view of what Google Glass might be able to do in the future.

This technology would also be able to work on its own. For example if the user approaches their garage door, Google Glass will automatically open it based on the user’s location. After the user leaves their garage, the door will automatically be closed. This technology certainly won’t work with every garage door or refrigerator. They’d have to be smart products that offer connectivity features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or NFC. A feature that Glass can use to interact with it. This is reason enough to believe that it will take a lot of time before this technology makes it on to Google Glass. For all we know, it could just be another patented technology that would never see the light of day.

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