Creating something out of LEGOs is an art I personally can’t ever do as I don’t have that good of an imagination. But thanks to the Internet, we’ve seen people use LEGOs to build an X-Winga tiny mac and they’ve even been used in mobile accessories. All of those examples of LEGO use are all well and good, but if there’s something we need in our life immediately, it’s a LEGO machine that can fold and throw paper airplanes.

The LEGO machine featured in the video above was created by NXTLOG user hknssn13 which uses 2 NXT micro controller bricks, 5 servos, 10 DC motors, pneumatics, infrared, and additional sensors as well as very steady fingers to complete the machine. At the end of the video, we see the machine fling the plane, although we don’t see how well it does in flight. My guess is that it does exceptionally well and is probably good enough to prop a small LEGO person on top of it to give them a ride of their lives.

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