Remember the first generation Urbee, which was a 3D printed car that was specially developed in order to usher in a new age of cheaper and more economical travel, and to test it, it was sent on an expedition to Canada? Well, Jim Kor’s company, Kor Ecologic, that printed out the Urbee, is now back with a sequel to the Urbee, where it will be (unfortunately uninspiring) known as the Urbee 2. The Urbee 2 will be printed by a 3D printer as usual, and it is slowly but surely making its way to the production line.

The Urbee 2 will measure 10 feet in length, where it takes approximately 2,500 hours to print out. With a 1,200 pound chassis, the relative lightness of it compared to steel chassis in normal cars will help it achieve far better mileage. Being extremely aerodynamic, the Urbee 2 will be powered by a hybrid engine that maxes out at just 10 horsepower, and can hit a top speed of 40 miles per hour with a 36-volt electric motor. There are plans penciled in for the Urbee 2 to travel from San Francisco to New York on just 10 gallons of pure ethanol gas – good luck!

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