poster-wifiWe more or less take Wi-Fi connectivity for granted these days, especially with the easy accessibility in public areas, including your local Starbucks. Well, the thing is, there might just be a new method of spreading the goodness of Wi-Fi connectivity in public areas and spaces without missing a beat, and this new innovation is known as the Wi-Fi poster, where it is being shown off in South Korea at this point in time, which could very well point to a new and growing trend that intends to draw Wi-Fi users closer to Hollywood.

The Wi-Fi Poster will work just like it is named, where mobile users will be able to enjoy wireless access whenever they remain in close proximity to a particular movie poster. Creative agency Cheil is the one behind this idea for South Korea film studio CJ Entertainment, where Wi-Fi Posters will make use of the name of the film that is currently being promoted for the Wi-Fi network, and once users are connected, they can check out the associated trailers as well as more details on the movie directly on their respective mobile devices.

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