art-Paul-20Otellini-620x349We’re sure you guys might have heard that Japanese carrier, Softbank, is looking to acquire a majority stake in one of the major US carriers, Sprint. At the same time it seems that American company, Dish, could be interested as well and seems to be thinking about making a counter-offer of their own. Dish even goes as far as saying that their acquisition of Sprint could be better for national security. In any case it would seem that Softbank might have stumbled across a hurdle, but at the same time it looks like the Japanese carrier may have found themselves an ally in the form of Intel’s CEO, Paul Otellini, who in an email sent to FCC chairman, claims that he supports Softbank.

According to the email, Otellini was quoted as saying, “Son-san’s vision to build a high speed competitive third national network is very compelling […] We need this competition in the wireless space as the ATT / Verizon model is not giving that to consumers at this time.” We’re not sure if Otellini’s message of support will play a role in helping the regulatory bodies decide if this acquisition should be allowed to happen, so we guess we will just have to wait and see.

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