The simple embrace of a loved one can provide some serious stimulation as you can feel all warm and good from something as simple as a hug. But there are people out there who have yet to know the joy of what it’s like to get a hug from a girlfriend or boyfriend as well as a sweet nothing into your ear, which is why a bunch of Japanese students decided to let technology give them the embrace they need.

Students at the University of Tsukuba created a coat that would give the wearer the sensation they are being hugged from behind by their girlfriend. The Riajuu Coat, as it’s called, uses a combination of a jacket, headphones and a belt that tightens around the wearer’s waist in order to get the feeling of a hug at that location. Judging by the sound of the virtual girlfriends included in the attached video, we have a feeling these Japanese students might have seen one too many animes.

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