prepaid-3dsNintendo is a company that loves to innovate all things gaming, as how they have shown the way all those years ago with the NES, followed by other landmarks like the Gameboy that proved to be a handheld console for the ages, in addition to the dual display Nintendo DS, that was followed up by 3D capability in the Nintendo 3DS, not to mention motion controls introduced in the Nintendo Wii. Well, this time around, the Japanese gaming company is offering prepaid cards which can be used on its online software download site and e-shops for both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

Of course, this prepaid card is not just a vehicle to carry virtual credit, but also comes with additional fun that is known as “Asoberu Omaketsuki Nintendo Prepaid Card”, where your card will come “alive” when you hold your Nintendo 3DS over the card, to see one of the Super Mario characters printed there pop out, moving and reacting to your voice (Japanese commands only, I presume). Expect these cute prepaid cards to hit Japan later this April 23rd.

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