wp8tumblrIt was just earlier yesterday morning when brought you word that Tumblr will introduce the scourge of ads to their mobile apps in an effort to generate and raise funds to keep them going. Well, for folks who are running on the Windows Phone 8 platform, here is some news for you – it seems that the official Tumblr app for Windows Phone 8 has just debuted, and initial impressions tend to veer towards the positive side of things, touting it to be a “great looking app” in addition to making full use of a slew of unique capabilities found in the Windows Phone 8 platform.


Basically, the Tumblr app for Windows Phone 8 allows you to post just about anything regardless of where you are, ranging from pictures to quotes, music, videos, chats, links, and your random as well as insightful (or so you think) musings. You will be able to enjoy full GIF support, and it will also play nice with speech recognition, now how about that? Imagine creating new posts with but the power of speech alone. Go on, grab the official Tumblr app for Windows Phone 8 here.

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