stadium_eventIt is not uncommon that one will stumble across a rare and valuable item during yard sales or while browsing second hand stores, and that’s just what a North Carolina woman did when she purchased one of the rarest video games in the United States while at a Goodwill store for only $7.99, a fraction of what it could potentially be worth which is a staggering $15,000. The game is none other than an old Nintendo game called Stadium Events which was released in 1987 in the US during a market testing phase.

According to Wilder Hamm, the owner of Save Point Video Games who met the woman, the game was in great condition and still had all of its contents and even had its plastic on, although the top was cut open so that the contents could be examined. Other than that everything was there, the game instructions and the cartridge itself. Back in 2010, it seems that another copy of Stadium Events was sold on eBay for a whopping $41,300, but this was a completely sealed package, and given how fussy some collectors are, it is understandable that the value might have been slashed dramatically due to the cut in the plastic. Talk about a lucky find!

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