google-drive-storageFor those of you who swear by Google’s range of products (software as well as hardware), you will be pleased to take note that the entire Google experience is getting more and more seamless, as the Internet search giant (who has since grown to be a whole lot more than just that) has seen it fit to introduce unified storage worth 15GB across Google Drive, Gmail as well as Google+ Photos, letting you manipulate and make use of the storage space across all three platforms as you please.

Thanks to this new combined storage space, there no longer is any more need to worry about how much you are storing, and which place is such information stashed away. For example, you could be a major user of Gmail, but do not really keep your photos online, which means you have more than ample space to rack up the email collection in your Gmail. There will also be updates made to the Google Drive storage page in order to explain everything to the layperson as to how storage space is being utilized. Of course, just in case 15GB is not enough for some of you, you can always request for an upgrade – at a price of course, where plans start from $4.99/month for 100GB. [Press Release]

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