ps4It wasn’t too long ago that Sony teased the PS4 ahead of Microsoft’s own Xbox event, perhaps hoping to steal some of the focus and attention and shine it upon themselves. Of course the teaser did not do much to show what the console would actually look like, which we guess is why it’s called a teaser in the first place, but it seems that it did not stop one Reddit user from compiling the various angles of the hardware hinted at in the video and coming up with what he thinks the PS4 could look like. Of course there is a good chance that he could be wrong about the console, but we guess since the composite was made based on the teaser images shown in the video, there are some parts which he might have nailed. In any case based on this mockup, it does not look entirely impossible and in fact it kind of reminds us a bit of the PS3. Either way make what you will of this, and hopefully Sony will be unveiling the console in its entirety in the near future, but in the meantime what do you guys think? Could this be what the PS4 looks like?

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