Samsung-Galaxy-Note-8-0-available-april-11It was a couple of months ago when we took the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 out for a spin and wrote a pretty lengthy review on it, so you might want to check that review out first before wondering whether this is the tablet for you assuming you are an AT&T subscriber, since it has finally arrived on the mobile carrier. Initial knowledge concerning the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 would point it as being a Wi-Fi only variant where folks living Stateside are concerned, but it seems that AT&T will be offering an LTE-enabled model to subscribers (or others who want to jump ship) in the weeks ahead, and looks as though this particular model will be an exclusive tablet to AT&T alone.

Of course, other additional details that would whet your appetite such as pricing and the exact date of availability remain unknown, but you might want to start saving up from now on just in case it arrives in the immediate future. As for the others whose contracts are about to be up, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 LTE tablet might prove to be an interesting alternative if you are tired of those iOS devices. [Press Release]

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