If you’re the kind of person to check into Foursquare for anything and everything, even going as far as to mark a spot on the service which pinpoints your apartment as the “home of the lady killer,” then you’re probably going to get a kick out of a new service Foursquare has launched today called Time Machine.

Foursquare Time Machine is a tool which visualizes all of your past check-ins, starting from your very first, and probably less meaningful check-in. You’ll be able to magically relive the time that you visited your local Chipotle for the 47th time, the first and last time you went to that weird nightclub filled with bubbles and the check-in where you accidentally cheated on your significant other.

Once you’re done reminiscing, Foursquare Time Machine will even attempt to predict where you’ll be checking in next, which if you’re a creature of habit, could probably be extremely accurate if you tend to check-in to a coffee shop on your way home every single day.

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