chinese-internet-users-in-internet-cafeIt seems that individuals selling their own organ parts to pay for goods these days has become more common than we would like, and it looks like it has happened again in China and the result is the Chinese government and the media blaming video games as being the cause. According to the story, a man from Gangsu province named Zhang wanted to raise cash quick, and reached out to an organ dealer and offered to sell his kidney. He ended up selling his kidney for a mere $6,510 when the going price was $47,000.

It seems that Zhang was desperate to pay off some debts he had incurred whilst playing games, which was why he was not really in the position to haggle the price or negotiate a better deal. While his debts are reportedly the result of him gaming, do you think it’s fair for the media and government to blame video games as the cause behind his actions? It could have easily been something else that prompted Zhang to sell his kidney, couldn’t it?

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