lg-ubitus[E3 2013] South Korean consumer electronics giant LG Electronics has teamed up with Ubitus, where the latter is a worldwide technology leader in cloud gaming solutions, making an announcement at E3 this year that the GameNow cloud gaming service will soon make its way to the latest range of LG Smart TVs. In a nutshell, the customer who decides to make the decision and pick up a spanking new LG Smart TV model in the US will soon be able to enjoy a rich library of AAA and massively multiplayer online (MMO) titles right out of the box.

Basically, GameNow would be able to transform your regular LG Smart TV into a powerful game console, although we would like to think that it would not reach levels of the recently announced Xbox One and PS4, of course. At the very least, GameNow would deliver a video gaming experience which was once unavailable on home TV units. No longer do you need to wait for lengthy disc loading times, long downloads as well as infinitely longer installation times, thanks to GameNow. Just to whet your appetite, some of the titles available for your thumbs to fiddle with the game controller all the more would include Street Fighter X Tekken and Batman: Arkham City – stuff that are normally reserved for hardware with high end specifications. The full GameNow service for the whole 2013 LG Smart TV lineup will be launched soon, so stay tuned. [Press Release]

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