Windows-Phone-Payment-MethodsWhen it comes to boasting about their mobile platform, Microsoft unfortunately does not really have that much to say. They cannot boast to have the highest market share, nor can they boast about having the best hardware, and they definitely cannot boast that they have the highest number of apps available in their store, but what they can boast about is that they are beating both iOS and Android when it comes to payment methods. The folks at WPCentral spoke to Sam George and it seems that Microsoft is pretty pleased with how their payment methods are apparently beating out both iOS and Android.


For starters they have support from all the leading credit cards, and for users who don’t have access to credit cards either because they’re not allowed one or if they’re not of age, Microsoft is boasting that they have more mobile operators behind them to support mobile operating billing, at least compared to Google Play! This is pretty handy especially in countries where owning a credit card is not the norm, and by having alternative payment methods, this makes it easier for developers to sell their apps, and for end-users to access paid apps.

Microsoft’s partnership with Alibaba and the company’s Alipay in China has also reportedly seen an increase of tenfold in app purchases when introduced. Pretty compelling but what do you guys think? Is this a small piece of the bigger picture or is this really a feature worth boasting about?

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