toyota-diy-carI am quite sure that those of us who have driven a Toyota before would have been more pleased than disappointed with it, and the company did not manage to get to where it is today by bumming around and waiting to play catch up with the rest of the industry. No sir, its just-in-time assembly line managed to push it to the forefront of the global motor industry, although it did suffer some hiccups from time to time. Well, we have reliable word that the Toyota Camatte 57s would make an appearance tomorrow at the Tokyo Toy Show 2013. It is a family oriented 3-seater that was specially designed in such a simple manner that it is said a “child could drive it”. The body itself is a fully customizable model by the owner, where 57 individual panels can be attached and removed – all using your hand.

In fact, this sounds more like what IKEA would have come up with instead of Toyota, as the Carnatte 57s can be assembled from ground up. Specially designed to be an ultra compact ride that intends to bring families together in a small and fun space, Toyota hopes that this ride will be able to inspire a new generation of car lovers out there – who do not yet know that they love cars, that is. Hopefully the price would be right though.

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