wiseeWhen the Kinect from Microsoft was first released, I am quite sure that there were certain quarters out there who did wonder whether they would look silly or out of place when flailing their arms around. Well, for those of you who are too self-conscious, and yet wished you were a Jedi Master with great mastery over the Force, perhaps you might want to check out WiSee, a gesture recognition interface for use in homes and offices that relies on Wi-Fi signals to control devices such as your TV, computer, thermostat, music player, the list goes on.


WiSee was developed by researchers at the University of Washington, where the WiSee software set-up requires just a standard issue Wi-Fi router and a handful of mobile devices that are strategically placed around the home, so that the different kinds of distinct gestures used to control devices from other rooms can be achieved without the need for line-of-sight positioning. Definitely an interesting way to live out your life at home, don’t you think so? It is sure to impress guests with its touted 94% accuracy rate.

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