solidoodlerWe have had our fair share of run-ins with 3D printers in the past where news is concerned, and most recently, it is said that 3D printers could pose as a hazardous health risk in the home. I suppose that is not going to stop a certain Ivan Sentch of New Zealand who owns a second generation 3D printer known as Solidoodle, where he will use the Solidoodle to print a 3D car as you can see above. Of course, this does not mean that Ivan is on to the world’s first 3D printed car as that has been done before in the form of the Urbee, although not from the home.

Ivan has been dabbling in 3D printing since January this year, and for him to work on a 3D printed car without any prior experience in the world of 3D printing is even more impressive, as he had to pick up all the knowledge and skills from scratch since last Christmas. So far, Ivan has only 28% of the body left to print and the dash of the Aston Martin DB4 to go, so you can say that he is making quite decent progress.

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