One of the reasons iOS users jailbreak their devices is so they can install apps and tweaks that normally would not be allowed through standard apps and the default iOS system. Another reason iOS users jailbreak is also to download apps that they would normally have to pay for via the iTunes App Store, and unfortunately if you own a jailbroken iOS device and were looking forward to playing Eidos’ Deus Ex: The Fall, you could be out of luck. While the app can be downloaded and installed and run just fine, it seems that if you own a jailbroken device, you will receive the error message seen in the screenshot above.

According to Kotaku, this error was discovered by Redditor KipEnyan which has since been verified by other user reviews in the app store. We expect that this feature was implemented to curb piracy, although like we said, some jailbreakers simply want the tweaks offered to them via jailbreaking, and not to download pirated apps. We’re sure not if Eidos will be doing anything to help jailbroken players who have bought and paid for the game legitimately, but as it stands if you own a jailbroken iOS device, you might want to hold off on your purchase, or at least restore your iOS device if you truly wish to play the game.

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