Screen-Shot-2013-07-04-at-15.12.33-640x332We’re sure developers get tons of emails every day from their users who might either wish to leave feedback, provide some ideas, or complain about a bug, and with the barrage of emails some developers get, it is understandable that not every email can be attended to, or every request entertained. However Duolingo has decided to make an exception for one of their users, especially since it was a romantic gesture that we’re sure any of us would be proud to be a part of.

Basically the developers received an email from a certain Flavio Esposito, an Italian man whose girlfriend used Duolingo’s app to help learn Italian so she could better communicate with him. According to the email from Esposito, “I am Italian and my American girlfriend Kate is in love with Duolingo […] She’s learning my own language and she enjoys it so much that I’m wondering if I could ask you to set up an exercise for her that would lead to the big question.”

The folks at Duolingo were more than happy to comply and created a couple of tasks where his girlfriend had to translate phrases from Italian to English, with the final question being, “Will you marry Flavio Esposito?” The good news is that this is a happy ending and she said yes. How cool is that?

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