Instagram made photo filters popular, that’s a fact. The service allowed users to easily add a wide variety of filters to the pictures they had taken or were stored on their devices. Since its launch many new services have popped up that offer similar functionality, but Instagram remains in a league of its own, not to mention the fact that Facebook bought it for a billion dollars. More often than not you’ll see people posting pictures with the #nofilter hashtag, this means that the picture has not been modified in any way. Since lying on the internet is much more easier than lying to someone’s face, one can obviously expect people to post fake #nofilter pictures for reasons only best known to them. Filter Fakers is a new Tumblr site that names and shames such people, its main feed will reveal the poster’s username as well as the filter used.


The site describes in great length what each and every filter does to a picture, it also has a tool in which one can drop the URL of a #nofilter picture they believe to be fake. Posting such pictures is certainly not a crime, and as far as naming and shaming goes, I don’t think these people would appreciate being openly labeled as liars by a website.

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