fitbarkSometime in the middle of last month, we did talk about FitBark, where this bone-shaped device is meant to offer dog owners with a new way of keeping tabs on their furkids. Well, we do know that FitBark might end up as a reality, as it has set up a Kickstarter page, hoping that investments made in good faith by the general public would allow the FitBark to end up as reality. All pledges will be able to be made from tomorrow Thursday, 7/25 at 10am EST, onwards.


Once again, let us go through the motions as to why FitBark is unique from all the other devices out there for pooches that are in the market. Number 1, it offers motivation, as exercise is crucial for the physical and mental well being of one’s dogs, and the FitBark device makes it easy to track your dog’s exercise time, while it is also easy to help you remain connected to your pooch even when you are continents apart, remotely via an Internet connection. The FitBark also prides itself in being the tiniest wireless activity tracker for dogs in the world, and I would not want to dispute that.

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