human-speakerNow this is a collar that some of us might not mind wearing around, never mind that it does not look too fashionable in the first place. However, it does have a place in our society, where the Human Speaker functions as a special collar which is capable of producing audio with a unique kind of input – through the way you open and move your lips. Designer Nic Wallenberg’s idea of the Human Speaker does away with the need for audio to actually pass through your vocal cords.


The Human Speaker works this way – this collar will be able to transmit vibrations straight to the upper throat (and in the process as mentioned earlier, it bypasses the vocal cords along the way), where it will generate a cybernetic sound which can be modulated by the wearer into various sounds, similar to how one would do when singing or talking. The thing is, it can only generate a couple of notes at a time, and if you want to come up with something more complex other than droning, you will need the help of several people to do so.

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