LG-Save-the-Date-InvitationOne of Samsung’s major rivals in the consumer electronics category happen to be from their own country, and it would be none other than LG. In an email blast that was sent to reliable press channels (including ourselves), it depicted a somewhat velvety looking cloth in the background that has a rectangular space “pressed” into the background, where that empty space is filled up with the words “Great 2 Have You!”, with the venue being cited as New York City, and August 7th is set to be the happening date.

The URL at the bottom shows off www.lgmobile.com, so it goes without saying that we are most probably looking at a kind of phablet or a possible smartphone that is set to be introduced this coming August 7th. Will we be looking at a possible device with the speedy quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor located underneath the hood? Perhaps, but as usual, patience would be the only thing that will confirm things eventually. Some water cooler talk also points toward the possibility of this being the LG G2, but what do you think?

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