lolita-chatbotThere has been countless cases of folks going online to find an underage sex partner, simply because one has chosen to go down the slippery path of being a sexual predator, and for law enforcement agencies who are doing all that they can to prevent this from happening, they have the help of an artificially intelligent chatbot known as the Negobot Chatbot which was specially designed to trap pedophiles.


The Negobot chatbot has been dubbed as a “virtual Lolita”, in honor of the novel by Vladimir Nabokov because in that particular novel, it does depict an emotionally vulnerable teenage girl, and the Negobot intends to weave its “magic” by tricking online predators into revealing information which would help the relevant authorities track down pedophiles. The Negobot would make use of artificial intelligence, natural language processing and machine learning in order to react to users’ specific comments, and it also has the advantage of remembering past conversations for that added touch of realism. This allows the Negobot to “sound” like a stereotypical teenage girl, where “she” will carry similar slang, typos as well as pop-culture knowledge.

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