For the most part when it comes to Acer’s hardware offerings, the Taiwanese company has put out Windows-based products, although they have expressed their general dissatisfaction with Microsoft when the company announced their own brand of Windows tablets in the form of the Surface RT and Surface Pro. While Windows has a pretty big user base, we would have expect Acer to continue plodding on despite their dissatisfaction, but as it turns out that might not be the case.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, they are claiming that Acer is looking to expand their offerings and start offering up more Google-based products, such as Chromebooks and Android tablets, while lessening their focus on Microsoft’s Windows 8 products. Acer’s chairman, J.T. Wang, even expressed his optimism that he expects Acer’s Google endeavors to account for 10-12% of Acer’s revenue by the end of the year, and maybe rise to 30% in 2014. We’re not sure if Acer will be able to achieve those numbers, especially since Chromebooks aren’t exactly flying off the shelves, plus they also have a ton of competition from Samsung, ASUS, and Google themselves when it comes to Android tablets. What do you guys think? Is Acer’s strategy the right move for the company?

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