While T-Mobile and AT&T debate who should have the right to use magenta for their logo, AT&T will proceed to take its Aio Wireless service nationwide.

AT&T’s Aio Wireless was originally launched just this past May as a direct competitor with T-Mobile, who has caused quite a stir with their new contract plans earlier this year. It was only available for customers in Florida, Chicago, Texas and Metro-Atlanta, but starting next month, the entire U.S. will be able to partake in the no-contract festivities as Aio Wireless will be available to all.

Aio Wireless service is priced between $40 to $70 per month depending on your plan needs, although if new customers sign up prior to September 29th, Aio Wireless will offer to pick up the tab on their third month of service. You know what that means, don’t you?

Why exactly Aio Wireless is picking up the third month of service instead of the first, or even second, is a little odd, although when you consider the first and possibly second wireless bill tends to be the most expensive due to activation fees and all of that nonsense, we could see why they’d go for the third month. Unfortunately, we think picking up the first month would be a much better offer.

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