code-keyboardFor those who type a lot, such as writers, editors, or programmers, a good and comfortable keyboard is essential. Some might go for an ergonomic keyboard, while others prefer something a little more traditional and might even go for a mechanical keyboard due to the “clacking” noises it makes which is reminiscent of keyboards back in the day. Well the good news is that if you’re a programmer looking for a mechanical keyboard designed to meet your needs, perhaps the CODE keyboard might be right up your alley.


While it does appear to be a standard keyboard, it has been designed specifically for programmers in mind. It is a collaboration between Jeff Atwood, the co-found of the Stack Overflow website, and Weyman Kong of WASD Keyboards, a company which designs custom keyboards. According to Atwood, the CODE keyboard has been designed to fill the holes missing in other keyboards and he has basically combined features from other keyboards into one.

Since it is a mechanical keyboard, it will use the Cherry MX Clear switches which aren’t very common, but are said to be a softer-sounding alternative for those who still want audible feedback but don’t want to wake up the entire house. It will also sport backlit keys with 7 different brightness levels, swappable keys, DIP switches at the base of the keyboard that lets you swap between QWERTY/Dvorak/Colemac, disable the Windows key, swap between CMD/ALT for Mac users, and will sport media keys as well for quick and easy control.

If anything this really does sound like a dream keyboard and it will come with a detachable USB cable and a PS/2 adapter that gamers can choose to use if they want simultaneous key presses. Unfortunately as amazing as the CODE keyboard sounds, it does come with a rather expensive price tag and will set customers back a cool $150 for either the 104-key model, or the 87-key variant that will be missing the number pad.

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