iphone-5-review--21While Android might be the leading smartphone operating system in terms of market share in the US, recent statistics gathered by MobiLens comScore has revealed that as far as smartphone OEMs are concerned, Apple is still holding on to the number one position. In fact the recent figures which is based on a three month average (April to June) has found that Apple’s market share for iPhones has gone up by 0.9%, putting them at the top of the list with 39.9%. Samsung comes in second although they do seem pretty far behind at 23.7%, although it should be noted that this is a 2% increase from previously.

Other manufacturers such as HTC, Motorola, and LG trail behind at third, fourth, and fifth place respectively, with each company’s percentage actually falling and are below 10%. In terms of operating systems, like we said Android still dominates with 52% market share, with Apple in second with 39.9%, followed by BlackBerry at 4.4% which is a drop of 0.8% from before. Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system has increased by a meager 0.1%, although we guess that’s better than nothing.

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