led-salt-meterThe Japanese are well known to have an extremely healthy diet, so much so that you will find plenty of centenarians there, more than in any other country in the world. Of course, with the introduction of McDonalds and other fast foods, it might be a matter of time before that record falls. Still, despite the perception that Japan has a healthy food culture, it has been said that a fair number of Japan’s most popular dishes do come with enough fat and salt which can raise one’s blood pressure to a new record (not a good thing at all) if you are not careful in your indulgence.


In fact, it is said that the situation has not been improving at all, but perhaps with this device known as the Handy Salt Meter, things might change – for the better, of course. The Handy Salt Meter happens to come in a thermometer style stick which you dip into your meal before it does a “reading” to determine the amount of salt content in a dish. Running on a quartet of small lithium batteries, the device will rely on an LED display in order to show the amount of salinity in the food, which will range from negligible to dangerous. It does not work in solid or cold foods, however.

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