kobo-auraI am not quite sure how to say this, but where does one draw the line between a smartphone with a really large screen, or a tablet with a really small display? Just how “elastic” is the band of this new category known as “phablets” can stretch? It really depends on the hardware manufacturer, and according to Kobo, they claim that their 6” Kobo Aura eReader is a tablet, although we have seen some smartphones/phablets that have surpassed that screen size already (the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 comes into mind). The new 6” Kobo Aura eReader has been described to be “a beautifully designed, front-lit E Ink eReader.”

It will arrive in a shade of black as well as pink, depending on which color you prefer more, and the Kobo Aura will boast of a high-resolution 6”, edge-to-edge display, an even front-lit ComfortLight technology, all wrapped within a contemporary aesthetic that ensures you will not find yourself embarrassed to pull this out from your messenger bag and read an electronic tome or two. It boasts of a 212 dpi and a Pearl E Ink screen, ensuring that your eyes will not grow tired easily, while boasting pinch-and-zoom capabilities for FLePubs/PDFs to deliver a great print-on-paper reading experience. You will get 4GB of internal memory which can be further expanded by another 32GB thanks to a microSD memory card slot. The Kobo Aura will burn a $149.99 hole in your pocket if you are interested. [Press Release]

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