lgl9ii-fccAll right, while the world is still abuzz with word of LG’s latest flagship, the LG G2, this does not mean that the South Korean consumer electronics giant does not have some of its attention pointed elsewhere. No sir, there is a very real possibility that the successor to the LG Optimus L9 (tipped for an August 7th release which has, sad to say, come and gone without nary a peep at it) has already hit the FCC. Of course, the naming convention of this particular handset is not exactly the most creative one in the world, but it will work, giving an overall sense of continuity.

Apparently, this particular handset that goes by the codename LG-D605 in the FCC has already passed its certification today, and while there is no concrete confirmation that it is the Optimus L9 II, the model itself could have given the game away, especially since it has been previously linked to the Optimus L9 II, albeit in a rather mystery shrouded GFXBench result. There was no testing of LTE bands, but it was mentioned that FeliCa NFC technology is part of the deal, which is more or less confirmation that this puppy is about to debut in the Japanese market when released.

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