Nissan might have a pretty lofty ambition of placing self-driving cars on the road by the time 2020 arrives – which frankly, does not leave them with all that much time between now and then when you think about the enormity of the task involved, but this does not mean that the folks over at Nissan cannot peer even farther into the future. Imagine a crossover between a Stormtrooper from Star Wars with our everyday lives, where Nissan’s most recent ad campaign shows that the Emperor’s legions of Stormtroopers, all decked out in their shiny armor but for some strange reason or another, are unable to place a shot in when faced with the Rebel scum, are getting down and groovy with Nissan’s Juke mini SUV.

Nissan might be targeting a global crowd with their Juke mini SUV, but this particular ad also shows off that an intergalactic audience will also have their attention directed at the Japanese car manufacturer’s latest ride, too. Nissan has also set up a series of original Web movies, where one of the episodes can be seen above. Makes you wonder how come Nissan decided to ditch the Starfleet Federation in favor of the Star Wars universe, does anyone have any speculation for that decision?

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