I am pretty sure that when you were too young to remember, it was your mother who sang you lullabies and rocked you to sleep, so that she and dad can have some quality time together after spending most of their time with you during your waking – nay, crying hours. Now that you are all grown up, you still need some music playing in the background before you are capable of grabbing some shuteye, and do take note that this particular method of falling asleep does not work for everyone, since some others out there prefer to count sheep instead. The folks at Pandora are dedicated to delivering music that their listeners love to their mobile devices, and has just introduced a bunch of new product features and improvements. The latest version of the Pandora mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms include a Sleep Timer, which will let you fall asleep to the tunes on your favorite Pandora stations.

Basically, the Pandora Sleep Timer on Mobile lets you select from 15, 30, or 60 minutes, and then you can just close your eyes and try to sleep. This makes sure that you need not wake up sometime in the middle of the night to turn off your device or silent it, as the Sleep Timer would have done that for you already at the pre-determined window period.

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